How to estimate repair and restoration costs

Shop time at Chappell Guitars is: $100.00 /per hour on any repair, restoration or custom building project.
Below are eight concurrent projects. I will estimate the costs for. By way of example you should get a good idea of how prices for repairs and restorations are arrived at,
No two projects  are so alike that the cost of repair or restoration can be standardized.
Here is a list of some of the things that can be standardized:
Fret Replacement: Standard Stratocaster no binding: $400.00 ,Frets and a standard setup is included.
Fret Replacement: Typical acoustic or acoustic /electric with decorative binding $600.00 new binding and frets and a standard setup is included.
Fret mill:$300.00 all models , electric or acoustic. Standard setup is included.
Warped or Twisted necks: $200.00 to $300.00.
Broken truss rod: $175.00 to $250.00.
Setup on any model of guitar or bass: $175.00. new strings are not included. please make sure you bring the exact set you wish to have set up on the instrument.



This guitar is an early nineteen fifties Patrition made by  Harmony its value according to vintage guitar price guide is approximately $600.00 . the repairs needed our extensive .  The neck needs to be reset ,the fingerboard is twisted, and to finish needs to be redone .  My estimate for repairs including the missing parts , bridge, tailpiece and pickguard is $500.00


This guitar was made in the early nineteen thirties by a company called Victoria .  It's value is approximately $800.00 This sent

imental value for this client is very great . estimate of repairs is approximately $1,000.00 . 

This is a standup 3/4 scale Bass these pictures are prior to reassembly . this base is unusual because it is American made from the 1850 is .  Old instruments in like this are always worth fixing . The value in oven instrument like this is well over $20,000.00 .  I estimate repair costs at $4,000.00 .   

this is an old Kay an early fifties model and it looks pretty bad but it is worth fixing .  It's value according to vintage guitar price guide is about $400.00 .  Estimate on repair $400.00 . 



Guyatone: During the late 1940's American occupied Japan. USO soldiers in the band corp had these made.

Regal Square neck 1950''s
Me and some of my guitar habit .